Is This Us?

Poem: Is This Us?


This is Us, a new show, all slurpy and sloppy,

grins slathered like marmalade, all over everything.

Even cancer comes with epiphanies and revelations.

This is Us, about us?  I ask,

He stares at the screen.

Texas Hold’em, the river;

He dives in as I float by, waiting, sipping time.

Isn’t this us? I persist,

spilling every thought,

down the drain,

like spoiled milk?

Why aren’t we asking big questions,

universe expanding, global warming?


We are not us.

We are brave and raw

So real as we sit here,

You clicking and groaning for a better hand;

Me quietly breathing in the moment

in all its languid imperfection.

This is us too  sitting here in the

quiet grace of every day.

  • Debra
    Posted at 00:53h, 23 March Reply

    “the quiet grace of everyday”, very evocative of a simple life that no one would wish to change.

    • Margherita Gilley
      Posted at 01:22h, 08 April Reply

      True, “everyday” moments are often the happiest time of the day!

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