I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh


I Let You Go begins with a chilling accident, the death of a young child. Jenna Gray leaves the scene of the accident and moves to a seaside town on the Welsh coast. There is an unexpected twist and a very detailed narrative from the Bristol police investigation with a subplot involving the chief investigator, Ray and his relationship with his wife Mags.

After the twist, the story becomes even more engaging as we are introduced to the villain of the story, Jenna’s husband, Ian. He is an absolutely evil human being who dominates the second part of the novel. However, the intensity of his relationship with Jenna is diluted by the Bristol police chapters which drag and give the reader the impression that the investigation is moving in slow motion simply to allow for the layering of Ian’s evil deeds.

The last twist at the end was like what you might expect from a crime drama sitcom.
Despite the drag on the plot, it was an engaging read with realistic development of the plight of Jenna Gray and Mag’s yearning for her husband’s affection as she contemplates her role as a wife and mother after leaving the police department.

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