Winter Princess

Writing Group Topic: Winter

When life gets too rough for princesses in fairy tales, they have the option of taking a nice long sleep. According to Bruno Bettelheim, the expert on analyzing fairy tales, princesses sleep through the trauma of adolescence and awaken to a new identity.  And so, winter is especially meaningful for princesses who hibernate until they are awakened.


How Princesses Survive

Dark clouds gather,

Sliding like jigsaw pieces 

Into mountains, until winter settles in

Frost around window panes.


I watch you draw crazy-eights on the ice

Fearless, fun-loving, free-wheeling

But, Child, beware there are brittle patches on the glassy lake

That will crack and drown you, quicksilver- fast.


No, come in from the cold, it is better to sleep off winter’s chill

Ignore its roaring winds, biting frost, cutting lash

Better to borrow deep

Beneath sculpted squares of your grandmother’s quilt.


Better rest your weary bones

And leave your thinking on the night table.

Burrow your dreamy blush deep into a silken pillow

And slide into a snow-white sleep.


Better than risk capture, dig deep

Let time or Prince decide where and when you wake.

Remember, more warriors die in winter, not knowing

How to warm frozen hearts.


Burrow deep Princess,

And let winter have its frigid way.

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