Just in Time : Writing With White Shepherd


Just in Time

Writing With White Shepherd

Just when they came to me, 

between waking and a dream.

Just when I got my thoughts together,

just when I lined them up,

corralled them in a pen.

Just when it seemed I could trace,

their path upon a blank page

and fill the void with fireworks.

 So powerful were these thoughts,

borne of stardust and surprise.

 Just when I figured out the ways they should align

who goes where and why.

Just then, the evil Shepherd,

the white sorcerer,

the one who rules my house while shedding fur,

sees an interloper cross my lawn.

White Shepherd,

ever on guard,

barks a barking growl

that sends my mailman running, zig-zag to his truck–

he speeds off,  as do my thoughts.

 So hopeful were these thoughts,

as delicate as dappled dew on green.

 Never think to write a thought when there is a white shepherd

in your midst, for she will bark away your thinking.

Just when you think you’ve  got it, she catches it in her bark. 

Finding it a delicious treat, she swallows it for good and

has the nerve to beg for treats, even though she’s  just devoured yours!

Such a shepherd should patrol another’s house, I moan. 

Yet, I would miss her careful guarding of those she loves.

In this too we are the same, this Shepherd and myself:

We guard our thoughts or slurp them down for safekeeping–

Just in time.







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