Swing High

Swing high, my love,

Bend your knees,

Look up, even when clouds play hooky with your dreams.


Don’t stop in mid-air, just pump away like life is coming for you.

Bend your knees, pretend you’re sailing over 

Choppy waves, bucking like a giant seahorse.

No matter, hold on to the salt-encrusted chains, and swing high, my love.


Don’t relent as crowds may 

Gather, shouting  from below,

” Your turn is up.”


It is over when they say, sit, stay, come

And you give away your power just like that,

As if returning a favor or giving up your crown.


You must swing hard right and left, 

Swipe away their hyena grins and smug glee.


Let your breath keep time with the air moving you forward. 

It knows the way and your pumping heart will let you follow.


Bend your knees and whoop- a- whirl away,

When you think you’re going to flip,

Over the metal bar, into an arabesque, hold fast, until 

White wakes slide up the beach to greet you.

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