Smile, It’s Just a Poem!


I have a friend who wants to know why I tend to write grim poems, full of sadness and heavy thoughts. Why can’t I write something light and fun?  After all, she writes cheerful poems despite the winter, the quarantine, four consecutive rainy days, and two flat tires in one week. Surely, I can write one fun poem!  Here’s my reply.

To my friend:

If only I could jump from line to line,

count my blessings one by one,

and write of adventures just begun.

If only I could leave sorrow behind,

put it under lock and key, just for a while–

to see where happy thoughts take me.

One day, I’ll write of lighter, sunny days

where rather than bemoan my fate, I’ll be grateful–

if its not too late!

I try and try, but always a somber thought creeps in,

wiping off my grin.

I’ll write and write the demons out,

until I, too, a cheery poem can write!

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