What I Left Behind


Exit Poem: Reflections from a retired English teacher


What I Left Behind

Time to pack away memories:

Take smiles and hearts only,

Leave the rest alone.


 What to do with the old essays? 

Writing still bold:

Adjectives screeching, verbs dancing, subjects declaring,

Life spilled, stirred, and served on yellow paper.


 No need to save the last few years’ work though.

All blather, 

repetitious ramblings, 

dredged and dull.

Trash full of mental waste.

Does Pearson want it?


 Bulletin boards are easy; nothing worthy of display.

Nobody wants to frame a test.


What goes home with me?

So little, yet enough, three decades of echoes.

Beautiful voices: raw, rambunctious, real.

Loud enough to roar,

Love of life, love of learning, love of truth.

Enough voices for a lifetime.





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