Meditation on a Random Universe


Ants have their own civilization,

So too they say of bees, whales, and manatees.

Birds soar in arabesque  to far off destinations,

On migrations planned in antiquity, continued in perpetuity.


How unusual and careless it would be 

of God to take such care with perfecting a ladybug, 

a bee, a falcon, a tree, yet leave us to chance–  

Highly unlikely, it seems to me.


Yet, we are to believe that man alone

Left to dream in folly is the result of a drunken spree,

Wildly thrown together indiscriminately?

Bacchus, Roman god of wine and song, was he

Master of creation? Are we where he went wrong?


I know no drunken demon could create

With such specificity each fate,

I trust unknowable patterns, distant galaxies, 

Remarkable universes and all we know of love.



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