About Margherita Giley


About Margherita Gilley


Born in Saviano, a small town in Italy, she didn’t speak a word of English until she was eight years old.  While she loved her native language, she soon learned to love English and French, too. She has always been a writer, but is finally able to do it without interruption! She has written lesson plans, grants, poems, novels, short stories, and numerous essays throughout her long career in public education.

She started her writing career at SUNY Stony Brook where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English literature. After graduation, she shared her love of literature and writing with young students as a high school English teacher at a large Long Island high school. Years later, after working towards a Master of Arts in TESOL and Linguistics, she taught English to students of other languages. She always wrote with her students and loved sharing her writing with them!

Thirty-two years later she is writing for a wonderful writing group and is now publishing some of her work. She is starting with a charming children’s book she wrote for her sons when they went pumpkin picking. Margherita continues to teach as an adjunct instructor at a local community college and she now has time to write and share her work with a new audience.